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The Story 

I was born in the City of Angels, sunny California, and raised in 'The Marvelous City' of Rio de Janeiro.

Storytelling flows through my veins, a trait inherited from a lineage of writers, including both of my grandfathers. It was almost inevitable that I would become a storyteller.

My journey into storytelling began in the film production industry. There, I crafted visual narratives, ranging from feature films to video clips, short films, and documentaries. Eventually, I transitioned to the marketing team as a copywriter and editor, a role I've embraced ever since.

In my capacity as a copywriter and editor, I've honed my skills in crafting and editing articles, blogs, video/film scripts, email marketing campaigns, social media content, webpages, and more.


My path has been marked by challenges and rewarding experiences, fueling my enthusiasm to continue growing as a content writer and editor. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you!


Keep smiling,

Mikael Pitanguy 

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